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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An excerpt from what I am trying to write

Had written about buying my guitar from Kolkata yesterday. Thought I will put in an excerpt of the novel I am trying to write as it deals with Kolkata.

Excerpt 1
Manu had come back from Kolkata and as usual had brought Kolkata back with him. Aditya felt that Kolkata rejuvenated Manu and made him more Manuish. Manu would never tire of describing the city that he loved more than any other. His stories and descriptions brought alive the city Aditya had never seen but dearly wanted to.

Manu took leave from from his classes, his students , from Revathy and from his responsibilities for two weks every year and went to Kolkata. He always went alone. He said he could savour the city only if he was alone. He went in the second half of November when there would be a delicious chill in the air. According to Manu, that was the best season in the world. Not hot, not too cold, just right. He would spend most of his time walking through the streets eating golgappas and rolls. He refused to eat anything but street food when he was there.

He would describe to Aditya how he loved the happiness that engulfed the city. He would describe tram journeys at nightwhere people would be chatting incessantly, animatedly. Badly paid government employees, chana chor garam sellers, chaatwallahs, young men in T-shirts, all smiling and talking when they had everything to crib about. And all in that lilting, melodious Bangla language. Manu couldn't understand Bangla but he always heard Salil Chaudhari' s melodies in the conversations.

Manu would spend a couple of mornings at the Salt Lake watching the tiny fishing boats making their way across the water. He would watch the birds diving into the water for the fish which made circular patterns everytime they breathed. He would leave only after all the bird formations in the sky above the lake had gone home to roost. He would sit in parks watching old men discussing football, the Indian cricket team's fortunes and the difference between the communism of their day and the communism of today. He would come back satiated, content and full of life.

Manu would bring back a tin of rosagollas, 2 kurtas and a couple of gramaphone records of Manna Dey - everytime. He said it was the only place where he wanted to buy everything. It was also the place he couldn't wait to go back to again.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Things are looking up

There are some things which are becoming increasingly important in the daily scheme of things. Writing, learning the guitar, seeing the sea shore early in the morning, washing Shashi's car (though I dont want to talk about that at all) exactly in that order.
Experts say that a novel has to be at least 70000 words long before it leaves the short story territory and graduates from the novella genre. Stephen King says that you need to self edit after you write the first draft of your novel with the thumb rule in mind that Final version = First version - 10%. That effectively means that the first version has to be at least 80000 words before you can sit in the armchair and congratulate yourself on a job well done.
Was doing an approximate word count the other day and I have reached the 8000 mark. That means I am at 10% of the magnum opus (Hopefully not the 10% that will eventually get edited). With my irregular writing habits, the 8000 words have taken approximately a year to find their way into my notebook. At this rate, I will start looking for a publisher in 2015. Sounds really promising!!!!

Guitar classes started yesterday. The teacher (I am supposed to call him master and maybe he will call me slave) looks good from the music perspective. He seems like a pain from all other perspectives. He did me a big favour. He tuned my guitar. So, at least I can try out a few things on my own. He made me happy yestarday by praising my guitar. He said I would have to pay double of what I paid for the guitar if I had bought it in Chennai. Thats why Kolkata is special. I have to make him teach me how to tune the guitar so that I dont have to depend on him too much.

I walked (briskly, courtesy Shashi) to the sea shore in the morning. It was nice. I love the house I am staying in. It has inner peace. And it has the sea 5 minutes away. And I have no intention of writing about washing Shashi's car. I want to forget I did it.


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