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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Poetry in motion!!

It was Argentina vs Serbia yesterday..Suffice to say I saw poetry on the TV screen. I humbly take back my words of the previous post. I am a football fan again !!!!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World cup - Its a strain

The world cup has started !! Yippee Wow Great !!

Those were my initial thoughts till I got to know that I wont be able to watch it in Chennai unless I have a set-top box installed. The reasons being

1. The world cup is being shown exclusively on ESPN
2. ESPN is a paid channel
3. Chennai is the only city in India where CAS has been implemented. (How corny is that? I mean, its not been implemented even in the rest of Tamil Nadu. So much for sane decisions).

And imagine my pleasant surprise when I switch on my TV on the first match day (Germany vs Costa Rica) and I see ESPN being broadcast crystal clear.
SCV, the cable network is providing ESPN to all its subscribers (with or without set-top boxes).......Double Yippee Triple Great and WOW.

The lead up to the world cup had classic world cup moments being shown on DD Sports (Thats a free channel..set top box not required). So, having seen Maradona and Rossi and Pele and Zico in the appetizers, I sit down to watch Germany vs Costa Rica.

Its a fitting start to the world cup (4-2 in favour of Germany). But it only gets worse from there with very insipid displays by most of the teams (including England and Argentina)

I wait for Brazil, for that much vaunted Samba magic to get weaved around me. Yesterday was Brazil's first match...against Croatia. To say it was a letdown would be like acknowledging how fat Ronaldo looks and how slow he moves. All the three points extremely pertinent and very true. There was no magic from Ronaldinho and Kaka shut up after one goal.

Makes me think that this whole world cup thing is a big hype-filled bubble blown up by the media and every corporate which has parked advertising dollars in it.
I have decided not to stay up late watching these matches. I will when I feel like it. Not because I am expected to in this hype-ridden world.

I loved the Ivory Coast and the way they played Argentina. I will follow their fortunes. No one else's and I hope Brazil loses (And England and Argentina and France).

Drogba zindabad!!!


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