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Monday, July 23, 2007

A Request

I feel that I am becoming more discerning, that I am growing up.
At least in my reading.

There was a time (not too long ago) when anything esoteric appealed to me. Anything clever dazzled. Now I want writing to get to the point. Tell me what you want to. Don’t weave stories to show off. Don’t lead me through winding roads and present me with dead-ends expecting me to retract my steps. Just because you can.

Describe but only because you genuinely feel the need to. I am not interested in your vocabulary or your innovative use of language or your great eye for detail.

I have a choice and I am beginning to exercise it. I will just stop reading and cast you aside. Reputations don’t matter. I am mature enough to decide.

Give me simplicity and I will be indebted to you.


Friday, July 20, 2007

A writer's life

A writer’s life has to be lonely.

A flash of illumination that struck me at 3 AM in the morning as I devoured through the ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Youth’ of JM Coetzee. It is the first time I am reading Coetzee. I get easily impressed but the charm of the first books I read of most authors stays alive, forever a warm memory.

I have read enough about authors who claim that the art of fiction is always to mix and match. A nose of your first cousin, the sexual escapades of your grand aunt, the secret cupboard of your grandfather, the sing-song guffaws of your colleague at work – and there you have it, your original character.

Maybe it works, but only if you write for yourself shielded from readers, judgements.
Else, there is nowhere to hide.

It doesn’t matter how clever you are at deception. Or how many readers you have. You will most definitely have 4; your first cousin, your grand aunt, your grandfather and your colleague – and no place in their lives henceforth.

Because it is always easier to write about what is wrong in a person, like a cartoonist who exaggerates trivial flaws. Good is boring. It is the dark, the quirky and the hidden that excites.

Honesty cannot be masked. As in life, so in writing. And only the brave can be unfailingly honest. Because what you really know; deeply, intimately – is only your life (if that).
To be a writer is to betray everyone you know – an offence nakedly visible, at least to all betrayed.
And it is to give birth to a suspicion in everyone else as to whether they are next in line.

To be a writer is to lose spontaneity in friendships; to give up on relationships.

A writer’s life has to be lonely.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Kishore Kumar

Just couldn't resist putting up this link!!!
Pure Genius, hilarious and more of the same thing!!

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