I am starting this blog to be able to write to my heart's content. I dont want to advertise this blog but I would want people to chance on it and give their comments. This is the first of many contradictions that will make up this blog

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

My first diary entry

Today has been spectacular.
Absolutely nothing done all day..its like 'back to status quo'
There used to be a time when 'doing nothing all day' was the norm...
The last month had made it into an exception
Today I am rediscovering the joys of 'good ol' times'

I had started writing a diary a long time back with the express intention of making sure that, if nothing else, there would be daily entries made into it. As with most of my noble intentions, I fell short.

But I remember .... vaguely...what my first entry into it was.
Something like ' I want to write to my heart's content without worrying about whether a comma makes more sense than a full stop..where I make sentences as fast as my thoughts can keep up with my writing'

One of these days I will find that diary and put the exact text of my entry in this blog.

This blog is slightly similar. I want to write for myself and not worry about someone reading it and not liking it. Proving yourself continuouly day in and day out is tiring. Writing is self-healing.

Started doing breathing exercises in the morning. This is another noble intention. I will definitely put it in my blog in case this goes the way of all other noble intentions. And I will put it in most definitely in case it doesn't.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Words make the future

Starting a blog all for myself. The people who will read this will be the ones who will chance on it. You can post your comments if you come since 'comments' has 'come' in it.


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